Thursday, 26 October 2017


You know what I love more than housework? Crafts that involve me using housework items such as an iron as a part of it. Obviously I'm joking. I hate the iron, but we gotta do these things for the kids we love. So for a little bit of afternoon crafts over half term, I suggested (yup, it was even my idea) to the girls that we get out the perler beads, or hama beads, I never know which one it's meant to be called.

There were no accidents. No spillages of a tub of beads across the floor. And no arguments over who used what. It was a really nice afternoon we had just sat making little bits of perler art. We had to take the geeky side to it all being a nerdy family so I got some Pokemon, Zelda bits going and a little Calcifer too.

I remember doing these with my mum when I was younger and her hating to get the iron out to them too. It was mainly a ton of multicoloured hearts that we'd give her to iron for us though. I wonder if these things will be around when my girls are all grown up to do with their children. Though, let's not give me Grandma status yet... for a long time.

Rhiannon xx

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Trip To The Little Pottery Studio

Half term can be hell for some parents. I'm not perfect and yes, we've already had one day where we've spent nearly all of it in our jim jams so on one of my couple of days off this week, I dragged the girls out nice and early to go do some pottery painting! We've all been to the Little Pottery Studio before and made some cute little things for the house including salt and pepper shakers ,mugs and unicorns so we picked some new additions for the house.

Both the girls loved getting their creative minds going with what to do, which colours to pick, what stamps and stickers they could use. Out of all the colours, Ophelia managed to get black in her hair. I swear that her hair just attracts everything it goes near.

I decided to do something a bit Halloween-y so I picked this cute little ghost that I gave a little floral touch to it.

Aurora and Ophelia both picked their own plate to decorate to go with the mugs that we already have a home. I forgot to take photos of the finished plates of the girls but they added their names around the outside of the plate. It won't be long until I get to pick the finished products as it only takes 7-10 days from when we finish them for our little pieces to be glazed and put in the kiln for that shiny finish. I'm excited to see how these ones turn out and can't wait to share them.

If you're ever in Lincoln and are wanting something to do then I would recommend giving the Little Pottery Studio a visit, the staff are lovely and are on hand if you ever need any help and it makes for a great treat to do with the kids or even with friends. Just make sure they have room for you when you visit.

Rhiannon xx

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Ragdoll Unicorn

Hi there. Me again. Yeah that person that just keeps coming and going and mental health just gets in the way of me enjoying myself or doing the things I love. It's such a fucker. So while I'm in a good place then why not try and just get on with the things I keep wanting to do and just bloody do them.

Getting that crochet buzz again and loving it! Out of all the patterns out that there to try I took a look through my Pinterest and knew that this Ragdoll Unicorn pattern by Spin a Yarn Crochet was the perfect one to go with. I got the girls to help me out picking the colours for her hair and it just turned out better than I thought.

Ta da! What do you think? How cute is this pattern and it's so easy to do. There are so many other beautiful patterns across Jillian's website so go check her out if you can, I've been making quite a few of them so far that I can share with you soon!

I've missed having the crafting bug and with having had so much going on recently and in my head, getting all crafty has been the best escape for me. 

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